What Sort Of Prediction Can Astrology Make?


Astrology is the art of reading the heavens, and correlating the positions and relations of the celestial bodies, with life here on Earth. In that respect it could be seen as a form of divination, and some astrologers use the practice to make predictions.

There are many ways in which astrology can be used to make predictions, usually be creating and analyzing complex charts, such as natal charts. Different types of astrology make predictions in different ways; but each involves the idea that there is a relationship; real or symbolic, between the skies above, and our lives here.

Predictions About Personality

When a person has a natal, or birth chart, drawn up for them, it can make several types of prediction. The first is a general, but intricate overview of the personality traits and natural character of the person. This is based on sun signs, and the influence of planets due to their position in the sky. The predictions tell a person all about their traits, inclinations, desires and what motivates them, as well as highlighting possible strengths and weaknesses. They can also tell the person about their subconscious workings, and help them to understand better who they are. In this respect, predictions about the personality are more of a guide o self betterment.

Predictions About Life

Based again on a person’s natal chart, astrology can give predictions about the life of a person, both past, present and future. These sort of predictions are commonly seen in horoscopes, which are based on sun signs, and tell the person about what they can expect the day or month to bring. More detailed and accurate astrology predictions can be made if more factors are brought into play, and a full natal chart accounts for much more than sun signs.

Predictions can also be tailored towards a specific area; for example, it is possible to get a love prediction. Some areas that a natal chart can help to predict include love and relationships, possible career and hobby choices, and events that might occur, and how best to react to them.


Some types of astrology, such as Vedic, make predictions about a person’s past lives, and how they affect the present. Vedic astrology predicts a person’s karma, how it may affect them now, how it may play out in the future, and how best to unravel its mysteries.

Predictions About World Events

Astrology sometimes aims to make predictions about events on a more collective or world-based level. This includes predicting disasters, politics, and natural events. The outer planets give astrologers an overview of the energy of a longer time-scale, such as a generation, whilst the inner planets work faster, bringing energies at an ever-changing rate. The outer planets tell astrologers more about the collective. An example of an astrologer who made such predictions is Notredamus, who documented many predictions of modern events.