Is It Possible To Make An Astrology Chart Reading Myself?


Astrology is a very complex subject with massive amounts of variable which should be factored in to give an accurate reading. Birth charts are one way in which astrology is used to map some meaning between the cosmos and your life. But is it possible to do a chart reading for yourself, or should it be best left to a professional?

The Construction Of The Chart

Firstly, the actual drawing of the birth chart is complicated enough; it involves the use of geometrical shapes to sketch a map. Onto this map, the astrologer, or you if you are brave enough, attempts to divide up the houses, and plot the planets, moon, and sun, against the houses and signs. The task of plotting a birth chart is mammoth, and required that your exact time and place of birth be known. It would take vast amounts of astrological knowledge to turn this information into a birth chart, and so this is probably best left to a professional, or to a piece of software which can draw the chart for you.

Understanding Your Birth Chart

Chart reading astrology, as mentioned before, is incredibly complex. It is however possible, and certainly interesting, to begin to examine your birth chart for yourself and see if you can make some sort of astrology reading from it. You will probably not be able to grasp the complete picture, because this is something that would be a struggle even for someone who has studied astrology for many years. You may however, be able to pick at bits of it, to start to get a feel for patterns on your chart.

If you are interested in learning how to make an astrology chart reading in full, then it will be necessary to study the topic in detail.

If you would like to make a little start now ten you can look at your chart, and think about the following: each planet has an energy, and is located in a sign. The sign represents the mode of expression, and tells you how the energy of the planet may express itself. The planet is also located in a house, which tells you which area of life the planet has an influence over. Each house is also affected by the sign that rules it, and so the three form an interplay of energy, area of life, and expression.

For the most significant chart readings, look at your ascendant sign, the sun, moon, and nodes of the moon. Do this by finding the house and sign of your sun, to see how it affects your life. Do this for the moon and so on.

There are many other factors at work, but the chart is simply mind blowing to try and fully analyze. For this reason it is probably best to allow a full time astrologer to make the interpretation of the chart in full. You could do it partially and see if yours matches up; it will make good practice.